10 SaaS Startups Ideas to Build in 2021

Created April 13, 2021


Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS for short, in most cases, is a platform that provides a specific service on a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

Popular SaaS products are Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox, and Slack. They all offer a specific service which you pay a certain amount for every month.

Running a SaaS business could help you earn some extra income and eventually even turn it into your full-time project.

In this post, I will share 10 SaaS ideas that you could build in 2021 and that have the potential to turn into profitable products!

What is Laravel Wave

Wave is the ultimate Software as a Service Starter Kit packed with great features like authentication, subscriptions, invoices, announcements, user profiles, and so much more. The best thing is that Wave is now open-source, and you can download it for free here.

Laravel Wave SaaS

Building a SaaS from scratch could be pretty time-consuming and costly, especially in the beginning when it is not making you any money. This is why Wave is so beneficial for small startups and solopreneurs!

1. SaaS blog

Content creation has been a big thing for many years now. If you are an expert on any topic, having a blog is a great way to share your knowledge with the world.

SaaS DevBlog

Laravel Wave could help you build a platform where people would have to sign up in order to be able to read your premium content.

2. Courses platform

As many people prefer video rather than reading, similar to the SaaS Blog, you could create a platform where you would upload your video courses. It would be similar to Netflix but for developers or the specific topic that you are an expert on.

Courses platform SaaS

Platforms like Pluralsight and Udemy have been extremely successful, and they are changing the education system for good. Why not start your own courses platform instead?

3. Doctors Appointment Management and Review

Finding a good doctor is crucial, but it is also very challenging.

An idea for a great SaaS would be to create a platform where doctors could register and manage appointments for patients.

The patients, on the other side, would be able to review the visits after each appointment.

This would be beneficial for both the doctors and help them gain new patients, but also for the patients as they will be able to read some feedback for the specific doctor before they visit them.

4. Rental Property Management platform

If you have ever been looking for a rental property, you probably know that it could be a real struggle to find a reliable landlord and decent property.

Similar to the Doctors Appointment Management system, a good SaaS product idea could be to create a platform where landlords and people looking for rental properties could connect and arrange visits.

5. Website monitoring system

If you have ever managed a website, you probably know that your website uptime is crucial. So being notified when your website goes down is essential so that you could take the necessary actions on time.

You could build a SaaS product where your users could register and add their domain names that they want to be monitored. Then for a small monthly fee, they will be notified if their website goes down. Pingdom is one such platform.

6. Product review system

With so many products out there, it could be hard to decide which one to pick. It would be nice to have a reliable product review platform where consumers could check the honest opinions of actual customers of the specific product.

One such platform is Trustpilot.

7. Freelance website

Freelancing is quite a big thing. A lot of people are looking for opportunities, and a lot of companies are looking for people to do specific work for them.

There are large platforms like Freelance.com and Upwork, but you could build your own platform where you could showcase the services that you offer and let your customers register and pay for a specific service directly via your own freelance website!

8. Invoice generator

If you are a freelancer who is just getting started sending a professional invoice to your customers is key.

An easy-to-use platform that lets your users generate professional-looking invoices and mail them out to their customers is definitely a service that I would be willing to pay for on a monthly basis.

9. CV Generator

Having a professional CV is essential for everyone who is applying for a new role. The CV makes you stand out among other candidates, and it is the first impression that your possible future employer gets about you.

Creating a CV generator SaaS that stands out compared to other large platforms like reasume.io and Enhance CV where millions of users use them and have nearly identical-looking CVs could be a game-changer!

10. Posts management platform

With so many blogging platforms out there like DEV.to, Hash node, Medium and etc., it could be time-consuming to share your posts on each platform.

It would be cool if people could have a centralized spot where they could publish their content, and then the posts would get automatically re-published on all other platforms, too, kind of like the ultimate post aggregation system!

So for a small monthly fee, your users could post all of their posts on your platform, and then thanks to the APIs provided by the other platforms, you could automatically re-publish them on all the platforms that you've built an integration with.


I hope that you find this helpful and hope that you choose an idea and build your SaaS soon!

If you enjoy the Wave project, make sure to star it on GitHub!

Laravel Wave GitHub

To learn more about building a SaaS product from scratch, I strongly recommend the SaaS Adventure course.