10 Tips for Being an Awesome Developer

Created October 22, 2020


It is no secret that it is about constancy and devotion! Find your niche and don't stop DEVeloping yourself!

If you would like to continue growing as a developer, here are some tips for being an awesome one.

1. Be persistent! Don't let the difficulties stop you!

Persistence is a master skill for success. Get out of your comfort zone and face the problems. It won't be easy every time, and you have to know it!

Don't let the difficulties stop you

2. Balance your work and your personal life! Build good habits!

Create your own routine. Knowing when it's time for work and when it's time for your family and friends, will make you more focused оn your tasks.

3. Find a person who inspires you

Find a person or two in the industry you admire. It will encourage you to keep working on your projects or try new things.

4. Be the best in researching information

For sure, It will save you a lot of time! There is so much information, that it is impossible to remember, knowing how to find the information it is also a skill, which must not be underestimated.

Googling the error

5. Be part of a community

Surrounding yourself with developers with the same mindset as yours is going to motivate you to jump over the hard days.

Team Work

Some awesome communities that I love are:

6. Don's stop learning!

Being an awesome developer is a process, nowadays there are so many technologies and they are constantly changing, that's why you have to learn how to learn. Everybody has their own way, some people chose video lessons, others make notes, therefore it is important to find your best way to do it!

7. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

When you get stuck in something, better save energy, and ask for assistance. There is no shame in it.

Dev help

8. Accept constructive criticism

Always request feedback. It will give you another perspective for your work, likewise, it will help you to grow as a developer faster.

9. Monitor the progress

That's will motivates to keep learning, also will identify the gaps in your knowledge.

10. Don't be ashamed of your mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. It is important to be responsible for them. Often it is a useful method for learning new things.

Making mistakes


Being an awesome developer is easy when you like what you are doing. It is about enjoying every step of your progress, every step of your path!

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