3 Useful Hacks for Working from Home

Created August 7, 2020


Many people have been working from home for the last few months. The world lockdown had inflicted different changes in the daily life of everyone.

In order to work effectively, you will need to change some of your habits and daily routines.

Here are 3 useful hacks, which will make your work from home pleasant!

Create a Morning Routine

It can help you to boost-start your day and will give you time for yourself or for your family before work.

It is important to know when your working day will start. Your morning routine could include anything from drinking a glass of coffee, doing yoga, or having a nice breakfast.

The morning routine is a fundamental key for a successful start of the day.

Comfortable chair

Every remote employee should have a dedicated workspace. Not everyone can afford an entire room, but I believe that having a corner of a room is good enough as well.

It is important to associate a place in your house or a flat where you only do work, this would help your productivity a lot.

The chair is a crucial part of your workspace. It will help you feel good during the whole working day and save you from terrible back pain.

Schedule Breaks

Yes, an efficient working day includes breaks. Give yourself time for relaxing and standing away from your desk.

You can drink a glass of water, make 5 minutes stretch, or water the flowers.

You can use an app, that helps you to lock yourself out of your computer, or set a regular timer to remind you when the break starts.

This will keep your mind fresh and you will be able to do more productive work.


There are a lot of advantages to working from home. It saves us time in the traffic jam, it gives us an opportunity to wear cozy clothes, saves us money and etc.

That is why it is important to find a way to make your workday at home more enjoyable with these hacks!