How to automatically publish your DevDojo posts to

Created January 13, 2021


In case that you are posting content on DevDojo or if you are using the DevBlog feature on the DevDojo site, you might want to cross-post your content on other platforms like

Having to do this manually would be a time consuming and intimidating job.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to push your DevDojo posts to automatically!


Before you get started, you would need to have the following:

DEV configuration

The platform allows you to Publishing to DEV Community from an RSS feed. You get a personal RSS feed for your DevDojo account without having to do any configuration.

Each user can access their RSS feed by visiting For example, my RSS feed URL is:

In order to configure your account to automatically pull your DevDojo RSS feed, you have to follow these steps:

DEV account settings

DEV extensions

DevDojo cross-posting to DEV

Note: Make sure to enable the Mark the RSS source as canonical URL by default checkbox so you could claim your content!

That is pretty much it, now all of your existing and new DevDojo posts will be pulled into your account automatically.

The imported posts will be saved as drafts, so that you could review them before publishing them on DEV.


If you are not using the DevDojo DevBlog feature, make sure to check it out!

I hope that this helps!