Work with me - a 25 Minutes Pomodoro Video Session

Created June 9, 2021

Need to get some work done? Let's be productive together!

You can use this video as a timer for your Pomodoro sessions.

5 Minutes Pomodoro Video Session

The idea behind the Pomodoro sessions is to separate your tasks into small 25 minute blocks and take 5-minute breaks after each session.

Here's how my sessions usually go:

  1. I make a to-do list for the day. In the base case scenario, each task in the to-do list is not longer than 25-30 minutes
  2. I then choose a single task
  3. After that I start a 25-minute timer or lay the video
  4. For those 25 minutes, I only focus on that one specific task
  5. After the 25 minutes are over I would take a 5-minute break
  6. Then after the break I would start a new 25-minute session by replaying the video

In this 25 minute session, I'm working on a new DevDojo tutorial.

Hope that you find this useful!

Comment down bellow and let me know what tools or methods you use to be more productive.